Workplace Coaching

If your organisation is working to create positive collective change and social good, I would love to work with you and your people.

Climate Wellbeing Workshop
What I Offer

One-to-one transformational coaching to support you in the workplace, so that you can feel nourished, cared for, inspired and sustained.

I specialise in helping neurodivergent people to thrive.



I understand that third sector work, community work, social justice work and climate work can feel overwhelming and frustrating. Through a block of one-to-one coaching sessions, you can openly explore all the emotions and patterns that are coming up for you not only in work but also in other aspects of your life.



For workplace coaching, I offer a block of 6 coaching sessions + 1 reflective session.

Each session last 1 hour and takes place online on Zoom (my timezone is GMT).

The cost is £750.

This is payable in 2 installments: £375 is due the day before the first session, and £375 is due the day before the 4th session.


This is for you if:
  • you want to feel like yourself in the workplace so you can show up for the change that attracted you to the job
  • you want support to speak your needs at work as a neurodivergent person
  • you want to feel as though you can thrive doing work you're passionate about, instead of going through the motions
  • you want space to notice patterns of emotion, behaviour and beliefs across all aspects of your life
  • you are well on your way with learning and self-development in your personal life, but that feels quite separate from the way you show up at work
  • you want to avoid burnout in the third sector, and divert your energy into the most helpful places
  • you want to act in alignment with your values in all aspects of your life
  • you want to see what positive change becomes possible in the world when you're supported in your role
  • you want to benefit from the life experience of a coach who is human-centred, inclusive, neurodivergent, committed to positive change, and has experience of working within the third sector both as an employee and a freelancer
  • you want personalised workplace coaching that isn't prescriptive or formulaic, and has space for your full self



"I establish relationships of support for organisations. Everyday Writes values include collaboration, optimism, delight, celebration, restoration and courage"
"So that individuals and teams can feel motivated, soothed, celebrated, purposeful in the light of eco anxiety and climate change"


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