• I'm all about stories

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Inclusive one-to-one life coaching and creative sessions that celebrate your whole lived experience. Online / In Person

Hey, I'm Nadia

Want to know my story?

So what's my magic?


Want to lead a colourful, creative, celebratory life where you feel calm, playful, connected, and present? Ready to interrupt the old stories?

I offer everything from one-off sessions to long-term coaching, all designed around your unique needs & circumstances. Online / In Person / Combination


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Join me for a no-obligation chat over a virtual cuppa on Zoom. My free Connection Calls last 30 minutes and are a chance to explore your current situation, goals, values, needs and vision for your life... to see if we're the right fit to co-create the impact and new possibilities you're hoping for. Just bring yourself, I'll meet you exactly as you are.

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Wondering what your new story might look like?

It's about showing up in the world and for your loved ones in a way that feels more aligned with who you are now than the stories you’re telling yourself about who you used to be.

What does that mean?

Sometimes it's about learning how to let yourself be visible.

Sometimes it means finding the language and the confidence to speak something out loud that you’ve always kept quiet.

Sometimes it means shouting from the rooftops.

Sometimes it’s taking steps towards becoming part of a community you feel drawn to.

Sometimes it's taking a step back.

Sometimes it's creating new habits to help you sustain momentum.

Sometimes it's connecting to pride.

Sometimes it's starting that creative thing you’ve been dreaming about.

Sometimes it’s about courage.

Sometimes about waiting.

Sometimes about joy.

Sometimes about finding peace.

And often a beautiful combination of all of the above.

Telling your new story means finally allowing yourself to feel it all.