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Hey, I'm Nadia. I'm a transformational life coach, speaker & writer.


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If you're exploring something that feels huge and unknown, I'll help you find clarity. Available now, online on Zoom, £111.

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Want workplace coaching, so you feel like yourself at work?

For individuals, organisations + community groups working to create positive collective change. Online on Zoom, £750.

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The magic of neurodivergence is that we see things differently. I’ll help you to:

stop judging yourself for all the ways you need help, and let yourself move towards people & places where you feel joy, so you feel safe to show up, settle in, stay & play
stop comparing your current capacity to how you used to be able to do things, and move forwards from here with radical softness & compassion
stop trying to make sense of how confusing the world can feel, and start making a home for peace within yourself, so you can make the difference you dream of making
inhabit your body in a new way, helping you to feel and sense with curiosity, so you can move beyond mental insight and embody your values in the world
create more than you consume, so you can stay in flow and divert your precious energy towards what's really important to you
stop doubting what you have to offer the world, and start to tune out the noise of what's "socially acceptable", so you can speak up, trust your intuition, let yourself move, and feel at home in your neurodivergence, your queerness, your body
feel deeply connected to your purpose & values, and start truly owning the magic of who you are, so you can co-create the audacious world you dream about, and become the ancestor you want to be
We'll co-create a space where our spirits and minds can dance, play, and generate action, ideas & momentum together. You will feel deeply seen, understood and celebrated in a way you didn’t think was possible.
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    There is magic in the margins and you get to thrive.

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There is magic in the margins and you get to thrive.

Our future isn't a foregone conclusion, where nothing has changed.

It's a dynamic and diverse ecology.

With space for all of us to thrive.

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