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I create curious, courageous + playful spaces for you to re-imagine your life, relationships, communities, and future. And then I help you to make it all happen.

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Every day, we write the story of our collective future.

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    There is magic in the margins.

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There is magic in the margins.

Our future isn't a foregone conclusion, where nothing has changed.

It's a dynamic and diverse ecology.

With space for all of us to weave something good.

And to get to the future our earth deserves, we need to re-imagine what life can look and feel like. By creating intentional spaces away from the noise of everyday life, we can get quiet and get curious.

By practising how to talk and play and care and create and give and advocate and listen and be open and ask for help and find shared ground, we can re-imagine and reclaim our collective future.

What Everyday Writes spaces feel like...

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