Collage of Black non-binary life coach and climate coach Everyday Writes and images of flowers and nature

Everyday Writes is a little ecosystem, where we can co-create the world we want to live in. 

My pricing structure reflects the culture I'm trying to build, and allows people from a diverse range of lived experiences to access life coaching:

Graphic showing the culture of Everyday Writes: warm orange circle in centre represents Collective Wellbeing, with the words "abundantly sharing resources", "social equity", "mutual trust", "collaboration + care"


Coaching Sessions

I offer a sliding scale based on your circumstances.

I trust you to offer what you can afford (you won't need to show any documentation). Each session lasts 1 hour and includes a session summary emailed to you afterwards.

1 coaching session: choose from £55 / £100 / £145. 

Block of 3 sessions (held weekly / fortnightly / monthly over 3 months): choose from a sliding scale of £165 / £300 / £435. Pay in 3 installments by direct debit.

10% discount for block bookings of 6 sessions (held weekly / fortnightly / monthly over 6 months) : choose from a sliding scale of £297 / £540 / £783. Payment in 6 installments by direct debit.


Here's a little more about the pricing structure:

Sliding scale life coaching: £100 is the true cost of a session
Sliding scale life coaching: £55 for low-income clients
Sliding scale life coaching: £145 to "gift it forward", for those who can comfortably and regularly access paid wellbeing services and want to support someone on a low income to access life coaching
10% discount for block bookings of 6 Everyday Writes coaching sessions


Link to Everyday Writes Events page: free community workshops for queer, trans, LGBTQIA+, neurodivergent, Black, BIPOC people


Link to the Shop page, for paid resources around wellbeing, self care, community care and more