Top photo is a background of green leaves, the white text box reads "Everyday Writes is a value-led project that co-creates spaces for us to re-imagine our lives, our communities, our businesses, and our future…  this time, with our earth at heart." Beneath are 3 photos: a sunrise with flowers, a woman sitting on a chair, and a peach sky with clouds


I am so excited to welcome you here.

I founded Everyday Writes after qualifying as a life coach and realising that I could combine my training with my 15 years’ experience as a freelance writer, to create something that would change the lives of individuals and create positive ripple effects throughout their worlds.

It's called Everyday Writes because I believe that everyone has the right to feel comfortable in the world every damn day. And because we each write our own story every day: through the words we choose for ourselves and others, the characters we choose to ride with, the adventures we say yes or no to, the unshared messy scribbles we make in the margins, we're constantly writing and re-writing the story of our life as we move through the world. 


But this business wasn’t always tilted towards connection and community.


You know what? I was so proud of my old website. It spoke about offering up a way of coaching that holds space for the unique ways we each move in the world. It spoke about what compassion, kindness, delight, community, care, courage and play mean to me as a parent, as a carer, as a queer neurodivergent Black woman in Scotland. 

But it didn’t hold any real space for the bigger picture, the world we live in, that can feel overwhelming, especially to those of us who move through the world feeling different. It held no space for the realities of climate change, that overarching issue that made my heart pound and sent my mind into overdrive. Maybe it was for fear of putting you off, of being too intense, of bringing the mood down. It was also something more fundamental: what was the point of even talking explicitly about climate change or social injustice when I didn’t have any answers? And how could I possibly do it in a way that felt purposeful, joyful, nourishing and sustainable?


I guess we each have our own personal tipping points.


For me, it was in the middle of 2022's heatwave, struggling to find the words to explain to my kiddo why we couldn’t go outside today. I was desperate for connection with other people who got it, who were also joining the dots across the constellation of social injustice, who were having the conversations I wanted to be having, who wanted to imagine that a different future could be possible.

I'd seen glimpses of that community throughout my life and in the early days of the pandemic, and I wanted to create more. I wanted to find ways to bring together all the courageous and creative and beautiful humans I was coaching one-to-one, to get everyone in the same room, to help us all find common ground and to celebrate each other, to move forwards together. 

When you're open to change, you begin to notice little glimmers of information that'll help you on your way. You begin to let in some light. For me, those glimmers looked like discovering a podcast of adrienne maree brown speaking to Prentis Hemphill about the power of imagination. Randomly stumbling upon 'The Imagination Sundial', a visual tool by Rob Shorter and Rob Hopkins. Reading 'How We Show Up' by Mia Birdsong. Realising that there's a different vision out there for our future earth, for the way we relate to each other in all our gorgeousness... a vision that diverges away from doom and competition and scarcity and mistrust and cultures of exhaustion.


Are you at that point, too? Where you're ready to lean into community and trust and generosity and repair? Where you're ready to re-imagine what this moment really needs from you, from your community, from your relationships, from your life?


I realised that I had to find a way to re-imagine Everyday Writes around the future earth I wanted to see. I took some time to completely re-imagine my offerings, re-build this website, re-visit the words, re-fathom how I wanted to work, remember all the forms that “community” had taken for me over the years and try to weave my business around something different.

I didn’t want to come back bigger, better or stronger. I wanted to re-emerge with something that felt more inviting, more imaginative, more fluid, more nourishing, more collaborative. I wanted to create more space for you – for your ideas, for your knowledge, for your imagination.

I wanted to create deeply personal and nurturing spaces for individuals through one-to-one coaching, just me and you. And to create workshops and events and gatherings and collaborations where you can step into a community that's showing up for positive change.

So, I started to do things differently.

Everyday Writes is an evolving project. Take a look around. I’m so glad you’re here,

Nadia (she/ her)