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Everyday Writes is a little ecosystem, a practice ground where we get to re-imagine the future earth we want to see, the kind of ancestor we want to be. There’s space to get quiet, to get curious, to skip the small talk and dive deep.

I am so excited to welcome you here. 


I founded Everyday Writes after qualifying as a life coach and realising that I could combine my training with my 15 years’ experience as a freelance writer, to create something that would change the lives of individuals and create positive ripple effects throughout our communities.

I offer deeply personal and nurturing spaces for individuals through one-to-one life coaching online. And I co-create workshops, events, gatherings and collaborations online and in-person, where you can step into a community that's showing up for positive change.

I love creating soft spaces for us to land, away from the noise. Because that’s what really changed things for me: making time and space to get quiet and get curious.

Collage showing life coach Nadia Karim of Everyday Writes enjoying time in nature


I remember when it felt like an act of selfishness to take half an hour to myself. When I was so invisible that having an online presence felt impossible. When my thoughts would get so caught up in catastrophe that I stopped trusting anyone.

There are hundreds of tiny turning points in the space between then and now… finally feeling and naming what was there, letting a little self-compassion in, learning to be at home in my body, feeling safe enough to be honest with myself, asking for help, remembering how to play.


It's called Everyday Writes because I believe that everyone has the right to feel at ease in the world every damn day. And because we each write our own story every day: through the words we choose for ourselves and others, the characters we choose to ride with, the adventures we say yes or no to, the unshared messy scribbles and the magic we make in the margins, we're constantly writing and re-writing the story of our life – and of our collective future -  as we move through the world. 

I offer up a way of life coaching that holds space for the unique ways we each move in the world. It’s rooted in what compassion, kindness, delight, community, care, courage and play mean to me as a parent, as an advocate, as a queer neurodivergent Black person in Scotland. 

When you're open to change, you begin to notice little glimmers of information that'll help you on your way. You begin to look at things differently, to unlearn a little, to spend your time more intentionally, to let in some light.


I'm learning to tune into exactly what I need, to build a support network of beautiful humans who care deeply about the world, to believe in my purpose, and to be visible exactly as I am, so that I can be the ancestor I want to be.


I’m inspired by planting seeds and seeing what grows, by people who join the dots across the constellations of social justice and our climate reality, by people who stay creative and courageous: Prentis Hemphill, Beverly Glenn-Copeland, Mia Mingus, Alok Vaid-Menon, Perfume Genius, Ocean Vuong, Hannah Gadsby, Mia Birdsong.

There’s a different vision out there for our future earth, for the way we relate to each other in all our gorgeousness... a vision that diverges away from doom and competition and scarcity and mistrust and cultures of exhaustion. Something that reflects the values I hold close, of courage, rest, optimism, and delight. The more space we hold for that vision, the more action we can take towards it.


You can usually find me with my headphones on, looking closely at things.  


Everyday Writes is an evolving project.

Take a look around. I’m so glad you’re here,

Everyday Writes signature, "Nadia xx"

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