One-to-One Coaching

I help curious & creative people who identify as neurodivergent or queer... to be at peace within yourself and in the world, so you can co-create collective magic, speak your needs, and live audaciously.

My one-to-one sessions are soft, courageous + playful spaces for you to re-imagine your life, love your mind, transform your relationships, attune to your purpose, step into community, and make your wildest dreams happen.



The magic of neurodivergence is that we see things differently.
I’ll help you to:
  • stop judging yourself for all the ways you need help, and let yourself move towards people & places where you feel joy, so you feel safe to show up, settle in, stay & play
  • stop comparing your current capacity to how you used to be able to do things, and move forwards from here with radical softness & compassion 
  • stop trying to make sense of how confusing the world can feel, and start making a home for peace within yourself, so you can make the difference you dream of making
  • inhabit your body in a new way, helping you to feel and sense with curiosity, so you can move beyond mental insight and embody your values in the world

  • create more than you consume, so you can stay in flow and divert your precious energy towards what's really important to you

  • move beyond individualism and find the communities and collective practices that feel aligned with your values and your optimistic hopes for the world
  • stop doubting what you have to offer, and start to tune out the noise of what's "socially acceptable", so you can speak up, trust your intuition, let yourself move, and feel at home in your neurodivergence, your queerness, your body
  • feel deeply connected to your purpose & values, and start truly owning the magic of who you are, so you can co-create the audacious world you dream about, and become the ancestor you want to be


We'll co-create a space where our spirits and minds can dance, play, and generate action, ideas & momentum together. You will feel deeply seen, understood and celebrated in a way you didn’t think was possible.





I believe deeply in social equity, abundantly sharing resources, and mutual trust. 

My pricing structure reflects this.

I offer a sliding scale based on your circumstances.

I trust you to offer what you can afford (you won't need to show any documentation). Each session lasts 1 hour and includes a session summary emailed to you afterwards. Payment is due the day before each session takes place.

Price per coaching session: You can choose to pay any price between £55 and £145 that feels aligned for you. Please note that my lower price will be rising from £55 to £65 on 1st July.

Choose the session frequency that suits you (weekly / fortnightly / 3-weekly / monthly)



 How I Coach
Everyday Writes coaching is focused on your future
Everyday Writes coaching celebrates and validates your lived experience: your ethnicity, queerness, disability, neurodivergence, LGBTQIA+ experiences
Everyday Writes life coaching is deeply personal and no two sessions are the same
Everyday Writes life coaching is trauma-informed
Everyday Writes life coaching is action based and Nadia will support you to take bold courageous action
Everyday Writes life coaching is co-created through curiosity, collaboration and openness
Everyday Writes life coaching is nourishing and we'll build trust from our first Connection Call.
Everyday Writes life coaching is based in Scotland. Sessions are held online on Zoom and last 1 hour.



Laptop showing Nadia holding cup of coffee with client notes nearby. Text reads, "What to expect, from your Connection Call to your coaching session"


1. We’ll have a free 20 minute Connection Call (my timezone is GMT)

I'll get an idea of where you are in your journey, what you'd hope for from coaching, and we'll check whether it's a good fit for what you need right now. We'll talk about what works for you, and explore whether you have any somatic or spirit-led practices you'd like to incorporate into our sessions. If the energy feels good and it's a Yes for both of us, we'll set the date for your first session!


2. You'll receive your Coaching Agreement

Clear and straightforward, so you know exactly what to expect from our time together.


3. We’ll set up payment

For a single session, I’ll send you a payment link to pay at the time of booking. For long-term coaching, you can either pay in advance or set up a Direct Debit.


4. During each session:

The content of each session is different depending on what you want to explore... but I will always show up for you in the same way. I'll:

- listen, ask curious questions and reflect your words back to you

- take notes so you can stay in the moment

- ask your permission to make observations about patterns I've noticed

- include any somatic or spirit-led practices that we've agreed upon in our Connection Call


5. After each session:

You'll receive your 3-page session journal, which captures:

- your new stories

- any curious questions for you to explore

- your lightbulb moments from the session



I'll support you to tune into exactly what you need, to feel at peace, to build a support network of beautiful humans who care deeply about the world, to believe in your purpose, and to be visible exactly as you are, so that you can be the ancestor you want to be.



"What people are saying" about Everyday Writes life coaching
Everyday Writes Testimonial: "You create such an unbelievably safe space... I knew no matter what unfolded in the conversations, I had your love and compassion there just holding that space for me."
Everyday Writes testimonial: ""I think that Nadia is especially good at working with highly sensitive people, empaths, creatives and neurodivergent people... attuned to people's needs and doesn't make any assumptions."
Everyday Writes Testimonial: “What you offer feels like the most value of anything I’ve ever signed up for in my whole life.”
Everyday Writes Testimonial: "Thank you for asking really good questions. You were able to craft the sessions to give me such a potent experience that I had no choice but to go on and carry out what we'd been talking about."
Everyday Writes Testimonial: Energetically, even though it was over the screen, what you put out there and how that relaxed my central nervous system so that I could go to some of those places that feel really uncomfortable to go to... that's such a gift."Everyday Writes testimonial: "Nadia is such a gentle soul with an open, inquisitive nature, with this lovely ability to see things with empathy and shed light on new angles that were perhaps hidden from your view."
Everyday Writes Testimonial:  "I now have the tools to break away from difficult cyclical behaviour... I can pause, stand my ground and not be as affected."
Everyday Writes Testimonial: "Nadia does NOT do a one-size-fits-all approach and"got" me from the very start. Sometimes I think Nadia gets me better than I get myself!"
Everyday Writes Testimonial: "Nadia is an utter dream of a coach, the person I want in my corner... fair, brave, enthusiastic, loving, committed, caring and dedicated."

"You don't have to go it alone anymore"


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