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What is Weave?

Weave is a guided climate coaching course for you to complete at your own pace. 

It's for you if:



Weave is a process of moving towards community: creating the foundations for the relationships you need and finding the courage to connect with people in the way you really want to. Weave is for you if you'd like to deepen the existing relationships you value the most and grow new connections for the future you'd like.

It's not about trying to replicate some golden-era ideal of community. It’s about creating a way of living that fits this moment we find ourselves in right now. It’s about giving yourself the time and space to think about what you want to carry forward, who you want to spend time with, where you want to plant new seeds, and what you want to nurture.

No matter your circumstances, it's about weaving a community of care in which you feel held and valued and supported to make change, instead of trying to figure everything out by yourself. 


Maybe you want your community of care to include meal sharing or weekly check-ins or neighbourhood gatherings or support to attend appointments or help with childcare or car pooling or gardening hang-outs or a listening ear or borrowing books or sharing knowledge or pooling resources or any of the other gazillion ways that humans can support each other to thrive. 

Maybe you're just beginning to learn about climate change in depth and don't want to look away or numb out anymore. Maybe you're feeling anxious amidst the uncertainty and don't have anyone to share it with. Maybe what you're needing is joyful encounters centred around trust and wild imagination. Maybe you're really used to never asking for help and don't know how to. Maybe your basic needs aren't even being met right now, and you want to create connections with people, places and ideas that help you feel supported and are sustainable and nourishing for everyone involved. 


What's included in your Weave Journey

This is a guided course that you can complete at your own pace.  Your Weave journey will begin on 1st October. You will receive:

- A beautiful work journal containing a step by step series of exercises to help you compassionately take stock of where you are and joyfully tune into where you want to be


- A 45 minute one-to-one coaching session with Nadia to talk through and explore any stumbling blocks or barriers that are coming up for you, to set goals that feel aligned for you, and to feel supported to take action. You will be given access to the calendar to book in your coaching session at a time that works for you (daytime, evenings and weekend slots are available)

- Includes an exercise incorporating breathwork and other practices to support the mind-body connection, designed specifically for this course by somatic practitioner Lhamo Grace (she/her)

- Journal prompts to help you deeply connect to what you need and want

- Audio recordings of visualisations that you can incorporate into your weekly routines

- Practical and customisable templates and starting points for you to use when you would like to approach existing people in your life, or someone new - to ask for help, to explore sharing resources, to invite them intentionally to be part of your support system, to ask how you can help them. These are designed in a way that enables you to communicate clearly, lovingly and with both boundaries and trust. 

- 2 months' free pass to all online Everyday Writes Spaces, giving you community support throughout


You can complete Weave by yourself.

Or maybe you want to buddy up and split the cost with friends / chosen family / neighbours, and complete this course together - see what's possible collectively, begin having conversations about how you can better support each other, and explore what magical community you can co-create. Up to 4 people can split the cost of a Weave course if completing it together (go tell your pals!)


When does it begin?


P.S. Want to explore an exchange? Every month I offer some spaces for a workshop exchange. If your values align with Everyday Writes Spaces and you would like to offer a workshop within Spaces instead of financial payment for Weave, drop me a message on the contact page with a few details of the kind of thing you'd like to offer.