Climate Anxiety

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This workshop offers practical tips and space for you to sit with your climate anxiety and move towards positive action... to get clear on what that means for you, with your unique values, circumstances and capacity.


What to Expect

Each workshop will be a one-off experience co-created by all of us there (maximum 10 participants). There will be plenty of space for individual reflection throughout, as well as opportunities to connect, share conversation and find common ground as a group. The workshop will combine visualisation, coaching, and written & spoken creative exercises. Everything can be tailored to your needs and the way you work best! 


You can expect to:

Get clear on your feelings, values and needs right now around eco anxiety and climate action

 Create space for self-care practices that go beneath the surface

Fill your soul with the knowledge that positive change is possible

 Feel part of something bigger and see how your unique contribution is needed

Connect with others and find common ground

Connect to the vision of the future that you want to see and be part of

Decide the first, most simple step you can take

Connect in an honest way and be inspired by your fellow attendees

Take away a workbook and resources designed to help you really integrate and process everything you've learned and experienced in the workshop, and carry it into your future.


What makes my workshops special

I create beautiful spaces to explore things that can feel tangled up in our minds. This workshop is all about action and connection - setting goals and committing to positive change, in a supportive space where you feel held and seen.

It is my intention that this workshop will shift something for you, and give you a clear way to make positive change while holding space for the complex feelings of climate anxiety.

I combine my 15 years’ experience as a freelance creative helping people find the words and confidence to share their story, with my coaching strength of holding a non-judgmental space that feels playful as well as profound. Plus, a lifetime as a neurodivergent introvert who loves connecting with people but wants to do it in a way that feels nourishing instead of draining.



Know that your lived experience is so welcome here! You can show up exactly as you are on the day. I endeavour to create a space that feels safe for everyone there, and I will be in touch with all attendees before the event to ask what that means for you if you'd like to share. I will never assume a cis-gendered, heterosexual, able-bodied, neurotypical experience to be your default. I am committed to being anti-racist and inclusive. Every space I create has a zero tolerance policy on discrimination. 


About the Venue

Century Studio is a beautiful community space in the heart of Kirkcaldy in the east of Scotland. We'll have sole use of the space, with comfy seats and a bright cosy vibe. You can find all the access details by clicking here.


Getting There

You’ll find Century Studio at 260 High Street, Kirkcaldy, next door to the King’s Theatre. It's in the vibrant Merchants' Quarter, right in the centre of town at the end of the High Street. The bus station is 5 minutes away, and Kirkcaldy train station (which is on the east coast main line) is 10 minutes away. There are several car parks nearby. Within the Merchants' Quarter, you’ll find loads of independent shops including some brilliant cafes.


Ticket Types

For each workshop, there are Pay What You Can spots for if you're on a low income, in receipt of benefits or going through a tough time financially - if this is you go ahead and book your space, it's there for you and done on a trust basis. You can pay anything from £5, and you can either bank transfer it the day before the event or bring along the cash on the day. 



Please note that tickets are non-refundable. In the event that I have to cancel the workshop due to illness, you will receive a full refund.


Ready to book? 

Order your ticket on this page to book your place - just select the ticket type you'd like, and I'll see you there!


After you've booked

I'll be in touch by email to say hi – I’ll invite you to let me know of any needs or requests you have that you’d like me to know about. Before the event, I'll send you the full run-down of timings and what to bring, because I know how daunting it can feel when you're stepping into the unknown, especially if signing up to this workshop already feels out of your comfort zone :) 


If you’d like to know more about the kind of vibe I have in person, check out my Creative Mornings talk here!


Have a question?  Just drop me an email:!