BIPOC Neurodivergent every fortnight

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Friday 27th October

10.30am - 11.30am

Online, Free


Spaces To Be are online spaces created for people with marginalised experiences and identities. This space is specifically for neurodivergent BIPOC people (who identify as Black / Indigenous / as a Person of Colour). Come along and be in a neurodivergent space and a BIPOC space, where you don't have to explain everything, where you don't have to start from the beginning, where you can just be.

Wherever you are in your neurodivergence journey, whether you have been diagnosed as neurodivergent or just suspect that's what might be going on for you, this space is for you. Share what you're loving right now, connect with kindred folk over common ground, or just listen and be. 


What to Expect

Connection, honesty, empathy, warmth & inspiration!

With a different combination of people every time, each bringing your gorgeous unique energy and whatever's on your mind, this is a space to talk, laugh, share stories and resources, listen. No toxic positivity here... expect to be received with love no matter how you're feeling.

I'll begin with a wee introduction to welcome you to the space, and offer up a question for us all to think on, and I'll be there to gently facilitate the conversation and hold space for all your connections!


The ethos of Everyday Writes Spaces

Everyday Writes spaces are anti-racist, anti-homophobic, affirming of trans people and people of all genders, value the lived experience of all participants, and aim to be actively inclusive and accessible. Please only come along if you share these values. 

Please arrive on time for the session, or let me know if you're likely to be late - if you're more than 10 minutes late it interrupts the flow of the session and affects my ability to facilitate, so you won't be admitted unless we've arranged beforehand.


You might also like to know:

- This event takes place on Zoom

- Auto-Transcript is always enabled for online spaces

- these events are not recorded or shared

- you can choose whether to have your camera on or off

- all events are designed to be introvert friendly

- there is no pressure to share, just come as you are on the day


Want to come along?

This event is free. Order your ticket on this page to book your place. I'll send you the Zoom link by email before the event, and see you there!


Any questions?

Email Nadia: