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 Everyday Writes Climate Coaching eco anxiety FAQ


What do you mean by climate coaching?

In the context of Everyday Writes, climate coaching is life coaching that is focused on creating positive action in the light of climate change.  You can read more about what coaching is, and my approach to climate coaching here.


What's included in a Spaces pass?

Your Spaces pass includes 30 days' access to all Spaces, plus journal prompts, and being part of a community of people co-creating positive change with our earth at heart. The pass is the same no matter what you pay for it.


Do I have to come along to every Space?

Not at all - just pick and choose the Spaces that interest you. Each Space is a standalone gathering. Come to as many or as few as you'd like!


Why do you offer different payment tiers for the Spaces pass?

We are all entitled to care and nourishment no matter our circumstances. I want this project to be based on trust and community rather than proof, so you can choose to pay the amount that best suits your financial circumstances right now. If money is tight, choose a free pass. If you're able, choose a standard £15 pass. And a gifting pass costs £30, which anonymously covers the cost of a pass for someone who's chosen a free one.


Do you have in-person Spaces meet-ups or is everything online?

Spaces are online on Zoom. From October, there will also be the option for in-person spaces based in the east of Scotland, including a singing group. If you'd like to hear about in-person events, join the mailing list for all the news


What do you do to ensure your spaces feel accessible for people with marginalised identities?

As someone who identifies as being part of several marginalised groups, I understand that a "safe space" doesn't just happen - it requires ongoing communication and a lifelong commitment to listening and changing. I am explicit about my ethos: Everyday Writes spaces are anti-racist, anti-homophobic, affirming of trans people and gender-nonconforming people, value the lived experience of all participants, and aim to be actively inclusive and accessible. I take care to ensure that everyone who is involved in Everyday Writes shares these values. Mostly, I am always open to listen to your lived experience and how I can make something more accessible for you.


I identify as being from more than one marginalised group - can I come to as many Spaces to Be as I'd like?

Yes, come to whichever Spaces you'd like to, to reflect all the gorgeous intersections of your identity!


I'm interested in long-term one-to-one coaching. Is that something you offer?

Yes - check out the Bespoke Coaching page here.


I'd like to make climate-focused changes with a friend, a group of people I know, or colleagues. Can I complete the course with them?

Yes - you can spit the £150 cost of the Weave and the Re-Imagine climate coaching courses between up to 4 people, so that you can work through everything and co-create positive change together!


I like the idea of bartering to receive coaching. What does it mean?

I want to create a culture here of genuine sharing of resources, skills, and community. Bartering means that instead of paying for a climate coaching course with money, you can exchange your skills for the benefit of this community. That might look like running a workshop, sharing your skills in a written resource that can be shared with this community, donating books to the upcoming Everyday Writes climate library, or any other way you can think of to collaborate!


Do you have a mailing list?

The Radiant Folk list is the place to be if you like the idea of a life coach in your pocket... weekly newsletters full of behind-the-scenes insights, plus seasonal mini guides focused on self care and building community. It's also where you'll receive all the latest news straight to your email inbox. You can join here!


I'm a like-minded creative and would love to collaborate, what's the best way to reach you?

I would love to hear from you! You can contact me by email here.


Can I find you on social media?

No, I am keeping things old-school! Everyday Writes isn't on social media - the best way to receive all the insider treats is to join the Radiant Folk mailing list. See you there!




P.S. Can I ask you a favour?

I want this page to be genuinely helpful.

If you've spent a wee while on this site and have questions that haven't been answered, please could you send me a message via the Contact form? I'll get back to you directly and also include your question here... because if you're wondering about something, chances are someone else will be, too!

Thanks so much!