The Conversation

If you're exploring your neurodivergence, your queerness, or something that requires a big conversation, and you need to say things out loud before you take the action you're ready to take...

The Conversation is your time to find clarity.


If we've not yet met, hey, I'm Nadia.

I spent a really long time trying really damn hard to be someone I wasn’t. It’s an exhausting way to live.

And what finally changed things for me was a conversation. Or a series of conversations. But it began with The Conversation, the one I’d been putting off forever.

And now I’m inviting you to have that conversation with me. No advice, no judgement.  


How does The Conversation work?

The Conversation is a tender, courageous, soft place for you to bring what's in your heart. A celebratory, validating space for you to land, with someone who's been there, and for you to decide there and then what action you want to take. No more avoiding, no more skirting around the thing. I'll hold you with love, I'll help you feel into what's possible for you, to speak out loud what you really want, to decide what you want to do next.



The Conversation costs £88 (this is the New Offer price, valid throughout June. From 1st July, the price will be £111).

Payment is due the day before the date of our conversation.


What People Say


“With Nadia’s loving and powerful support surrounding two really difficult interpersonal matters I was dealing with, I was able to have them both done, dusted and in a space of actual delight within the day! There and then (during our conversation) I sent a loving message to express my need to discuss the matter in person, and when the conversation came I felt prepared thanks to the framework that Nadia helped to create. And the dear acquaintance with whom I spoke felt respected, clear and positive regarding how things needed to change going forward.

If getting to the guts of a situation with heart is something you're finding difficult or is a pattern you hold, Nadia is that special someone to help you out.

In a matter of minutes Nadia will support you to see your way clearly through the muddle of what your mind is struggling to make sense of.

Who knew it could be so easy?

Nadia did and does!”



Before our Conversation, we’ll have a free Connection Call
  • The Conversation only works if you feel safe and trusting with me. We'll have a free 20 minute connection call on Zoom (my timezone is GMT), to check that we’re a good energetic match for what you hope for.
  • If it's a yes from both of us, we'll set a date and time for our conversation.
  • I'll send through an agreement for you to sign, so we both know what to expect from and how to show up for our conversation.
What To Expect during The Conversation
  • The Conversation is a 50 minute video call on Zoom (my timezone is GMT).
  • I’ll bring my calm, curious, direct, playful energy. I’ll hold everything you share with love, compassion, confidentiality, and warmth. This is not a coaching session, though we can go on to arrange future coaching sessions if that feels right for you. This one conversation might be enough for you.
  • We'll begin by settling into the space together.
  • You'll share, I'll listen.
  • I’ll ask some curious questions. I won’t give advice.
  • You’ll decide if there's any action you'd like to take next. You can choose to take action during the call if you'd like to. It might also feel like enough to just say the thing out loud, you might not want to do anything more. Either way, we’ll explore the “what nexts”. 
  • I’ll make sure you leave feeling regulated in your nervous system and supported with what’s come up. We'll end the call by celebrating you together.


My Intention

You’ll leave feeling lighter, celebrated, and with a sense of clarity you’ve been seeking for years.


This is for you if:
  • you feel open to exploring new possibilities and making changes, even if you don’t know what they look like yet
  • you align with my approach and you believe in the power of a single beautiful conversation
  • you are willing to share openly with me and get right to the heart of things
  • you feel some excitement at what might be on the other side of this conversation
  • you are ready for someone to speak directly to the part of you that wants change, the part of you that wants to say the thing that needs to be said
  • you want a space to practice finding the words, to say things aloud for the first time, where you can stumble,  feel any and all the emotions that come up, and get crystal clear on the action you want to take. 
  • you want to receive the loving energy of someone who’s deeply committed to this work, who has twenty years’ experience helping people tell their stories and speak their truth, who won’t mess around with your dreams.


The Conversation is not therapy and would not be suitable for you if you are in need of crisis support.


What People Say

“I would have kept avoiding and going round in circles. You don't need war and peace, you don't need the drama, you need a few headline pieces and away you go. In twenty minutes it was all sorted and it was thanks to you.”



Why talk to me?

In my 40th year of life, I am stepping into celebration, into being the elder I wish younger me had known. One of my favourite things about the work I do is that I get to create safety for people to share, and to co-create the spaces I wish I'd had in the past. I also get to finally own the things I’m really good at.


I’m good at asking the right questions.
I’m good at getting quickly to the heart of something.
I’m good at being curious and direct.
I’m good at sorting the muck from the magic.


As a kid, I couldn’t understand why people didn’t just say the thing. I often felt so unsafe, unclear, and confused. I’d watch the adults around me say one thing and mean something else. I’d be attuned to all that was unspoken in a room. I’d watch the strange dynamics between people. As a deep-thinking empath, a little neurodivergent queer who didn’t have words for either, I soaked up that stuff like a sponge.

Over time, I put a lid on my playful mischievous spirit, I got really quiet, I took pride in being the peacemaker. It took me a really long time to unlearn those patterns.

Helping people return to clarity is part of what I adore about coaching. It comes up a lot in my sessions with clients. Because this stuff isn’t taught, modelled, or encouraged. We have to find our own way with it.

I’m passionate about bringing loving powerful clarity to relationships and conversations.

I know how big a deal this is.

I know how much courage it takes.



I know:
  • showing up for yourself by speaking your truth out loud can be powerful beyond measure
  • there is no such thing as a linear journey and you get to cultivate the deepest self-love for however you’ve moved through the world in the past and however you choose to move through the world now
  • there is a whole community of peers out there who are walking alongside you every step of the way, who you perhaps have yet to meet
  • what feels unfathomable right now can be your biggest source of joy and connection and ease in the future
  • what it's like to need to have a conversation about something that sits deep in your soul, right at the core, when you don’t even know where to begin
  • what it feels like to worry about every detail, worry you’ll lose more than you’ll gain
  • how much courage it takes to jump into a pool of unknowns


And I know how incredible it feels when you finally share your truth with the world. When you get to the other side of something. I could never have imagined how beautiful it could be. 



I also believe that if something is in your heart, it’s there. It just is. Whether you say it out loud or not, it already exists. It’s not going anywhere. You might as well allow it. You might as well show it some love. You might as well give it the time it deserves.

There are an infinite number of ways to be LGBTQIA+, an infinite number of ways to be neurodivergent, an infinite number of ways to relate to people and the world. 

You get to see what’s possible, in your own way, on your own timeline.