A single Coaching Session, for whenever you need it



'Solo' is a single one-to-one coaching session. Designed for if you'd like to dip your toes into coaching or if you have a single issue you'd love to focus on and set time aside for, if you have a smaller budget but still want maximum impact, or if you've worked with me in the past and would like a top-up! It's a flexible way of getting all the benefits of life coaching without a big commitment.

A 'Solo' session lasts for 45 minutes. I'll send you a questionnaire to complete beforehand so that we can spend our call time together diving right in - and make sure we're focusing on the issues, goals, needs and vision that are most important to you right now. It's not often that we have the opportunity to take time to really reflect on something and be listened to with zero judgment. This is your time and I want you to get the most from it!


What are some of the possibilities you can expect from a 'Solo' session?

  • clarity
  • reframing old stories
  • connection to the ripple effect of your impact in the world
  • a realistic plan
  • purpose
  • motivation
  • actions and goals that feel sustainable for you
  • insight into new boundaries
  • accountability


... to untangle the stories that are running on replay in your mind, and begin to connect you to the radiance of your story, whatever that looks like for you. You'll be amazed what can happen in 45 minutes.



What's Included: 

Pre-session questionnaire emailed to you, to connect you to your needs, goals and bigger vision for your life, and to get clear on what you'd like from our session together.


1 x 45 minute coaching session on Zoom


Unlimited access to all the resources, mini guides and journal prompts in my Radiant Folk community, with new resources added each week.


Your investment: £70


Ready to book your Solo session? Click here to choose your date! Once you've booked, I'll email through your invoice, pre-session questionnaire and my Zoom link.

Or, just want to have a no-obligation chat to find out if Solo might be right for you? Book your free Connection Call here.