Want to see how much can change in 6 months?




'Radiance' is six beautiful months of weekly one-to-one life coaching and deep dives that holds space for your unique story and the way you move in the world. 


What's included:

To get started, I'll send you a questionnaire by email to help us both get clear about your starting point: your current reality, your unique needs, your values, and your dreams for the future.


Then, I'll send you a welcome parcel through the post designed to help you create long-standing, nourishing rituals around taking care of your mind, body, soul and emotions. It will outline what to expect from our six months together, both uplifting and grounding you so that you can lean deeply into the trust that you are in the right place.


Next, expect six months of weekly coaching that connects you to possibility after possibility that you've never considered before. 

1 hour one-to-one coaching session on Zoom every week for 6 months, with plenty of time to dive deep and hold space for anything you'd like to use the time for. Each call lasts a full hour to allow time for your breakthroughs.


After our first session, you will receive a beautiful set of personalised affirmation cards to keep close throughout the next 6 months, to stay connected to your why.


Tailored monthly postal delivery designed to connect you to the radiance of your story, with journal prompts, meditations, reading suggestions, and resources.


The six months closes with a 'Resonance' retreat:

3 hours one-to-one online to deeply connect you to the breakthroughs you've realised, and to help you put strategies in place so that you can sustain the momentum of the past six months and let the experience resonate into your future.



Your investment: £2800

or 5 payments of £560


If this sounds like something you'd love in your life, or you'd love to chat before you decide, book your free Connection Call here!

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