I can help and support you to:

 move away from the version of your life you thought you should live, and towards your vision for something more, something different

 understand the way that every twist and turn in your story has brought you to this point... and that sometimes strong and steady looks like scared and uncertain

 trust yourself and other people again

 know that, at any given point moving forwards, you have a say in what happens next

 interrupt old stories and really tune into your needs and your values

 lead a colourful, creative, celebratory  life where you feel calm, playful, connected and present


What's my magic?

 Listening to you more wholeheartedly than you've ever experienced

 Being fully present to the beauty in your life that you might have become oblivious to

  Fiercely, with unwavering compassion, helping you to tease out the truth from the distractions, the gratitude from the resignation, the joy in the everyday

 Offering up a way of coaching that is trauma-informed and earth-focused

 Holding space for the unique ways we each move in the world, whether in your neurodivergence, your ethnicity, your experiences, your history, your quietness, your queerness

 Propelling you away from doubt and into a momentum that you can actually sustain


Why work with me?

In the words we speak, the thoughts we pay attention to, the actions we take, the goals we set, the conversations we hold, the people we turn towards... we are writing and rewriting the story of our individual life and our collective future every day. Scribbling notes in the margins, scoring out huge chunks of messy text, revisiting past errors.

I know what it's like to try to figure everything out by myself, to carry the weight of feeling different, to shoulder the worries of the world, to keep getting started and then editing myself, doubting my contribution.

And I know how much easier it is to create long-lasting change when you feel connected to a community and a part of something bigger.




Here's what past and current clients have said about our time together...


What to do next

 If you're really drawn to my approach and would like to book either a one-off session or explore long-term one-to-one coaching, please drop me an email so we can begin our conversation.

 We'll chat briefly over Zoom, to see if I'm the best fit to help you make the changes you're hoping for. We'll talk a little about where you are right now, the kind of relationships and community you'd like to grow and the kind of shifts you hope to make, or even just about how you'd like to feel in the future. We'll begin to explore what you think is holding you back, whether that's practical realities or the stories you might hold or a little of both.

I bring my usual calm and playful energy to our first call, so you'll get a sense of what to expect from any further sessions together. 

If it's feeling good, we'll schedule in your session for as soon as possible, or co-create a bespoke long-term package of sessions that suit your needs and circumstances.


If you are ready for trust and action and nurturing, and your values align with my ethos, I'd love to hear from you.