Climate + Wellbeing Workshops

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If your organisation or community group is working to create positive collective change in the light of our climate reality, I would love to work with you.

I offer wellbeing services to support people and teams, so that you can feel nourished, cared for, inspired and sustained. I understand that community work, social justice work and climate work can incorporate feelings of both frustration and hope, and I create spaces where you can openly explore.


"Wellbeing Services for Collective Re-imagining"
"I establish relationships of support for organisations. Everyday Writes values include collaboration, optimism, delight, celebration, restoration and courage"
"So that individuals and teams can feel motivated, soothed, celebrated, purposeful in the light of eco anxiety and climate change"
"Climate Wellbeing Workshops are for anyone who wants to reconnet with values, celebrate achievements, connect with peers in organisation"
Everyday Writes Climate Wellbeing Workshops include various aspects of life coaching and are creative

Climate Wellbeing Workshop

Invitation and link to send an email to explore Climate Wellbeing Workshop for your organisation