Spaces To Play

Spaces To Play are created for us to gather with the purpose of play and celebration. Taking time out of the everyday to connect to our creativity, make new friends, share ideas and support and resources, and to lean into play, music, dance and celebration.


The ethos of the Spaces

Everyday Writes spaces are anti-racist, anti-homophobic, affirming of trans people and gender-nonconforming people, value the lived experience of all participants, and aim to be actively inclusive and accessible. Please only come along if you share these values. 


You might also like to know:

- Spaces take place on Zoom and last for one hour

- Auto-Transcript is always enabled

- these Spaces are not recorded or shared anywhere 

- you can choose whether to have your camera on or off

- there is no pressure to share, just come as you are on the day


If you'd like to come along

Book your Pass for September! Your pass includes access to all Spaces throughout September, and you can choose from a Free, Standard or Gifting pass.

Click here to book your pass!