A Letter to You


Hello beautiful you,

I see you. 
I see you navigating the world with gentle courage, trying to fit into a one-size-fits-all box that makes no sense to your body, mind, emotion or soul.
I see you craving deep connection and joyful times with people who get it, where you don't even have to say it out loud, they just get how it can be to be you in this world. 
I see you feeling overwhelmed by the multitude of responsibilities you've gathered over your life. Starting new commitments on a good day, full of energy and inspiration... only to feel later like you've taken on too much. Worrying about letting people down, wishing you could share some of the things going on for you but not feeling safe or trusting enough to do so. 
I see you making changes, doing things differently than the way that came before - but not quite knowing how to move fully away from the familiar, or quite how to grow fully into what you want. I see you reading about boundaries, wanting to say no.
I see you hiding some parts, wanting to show up as your full-on weird and wonderful and bold and beautiful self. I see you forgetting what that looks like sometimes, forgetting how to play.
I see you striving for joy and I wonder if delight might come easier. 
I see your creativity, ready to pour out of you. And I know you want to protect it, too, from criticism, from the spotlight, from people who won't understand it.
I see you shining for your loved ones: your friends, your relatives, your chosen family, your kids, your community... but feeling exhausted behind the scenes, wondering whether it has to feel this hard.
I see you looking at people who seem content and simple in their set-up and I see your quiet envy, wondering why you're always like this, why things have to feel so heavy or complicated. I see you joking with yourself about still feeling like a kid, wondering if you'll ever feel like a grown up human.
I see you desperately wanting to speak out your needs but not wanting to put anyone else out. Sometimes not even having a clue about what your needs are.
I see you in the future, calm and colourful.
Letting things go and saying no so that you can say yes to the things that delight you. I see you celebrating yourself for speaking out your needs and I see you accepting help. I see you in a space full of people who get it.
I see you changing the world.
I see you knowing exactly where to focus, and when to shake things up and twist the kaleidoscope to create an even more radiant picture. 
And, in the distance from here to there, I'm going to show up calm, consistent and colourful. Holding space for everything you are and dream to be.
I see you. 

Nadia x

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