Choose a Monthly Pass (free or paid) or come along to Individual Spaces

Each month, Everyday Writes co-creates dedicated online spaces for people to come together with a collective focus:



Spaces To Be are created for people with marginalised experiences and identities. You can come along to as many different Spaces To Be groups as you'd like, to reflect the intersectionalities of your identity.


A Space To Process, A Space to Talk About It, and a Space to Imagine cost £6 per session - you can book specific dates or you can select a monthly pass, which gives you unlimited access to all the sessions that month. 



Spaces To Play are created for people to gather with the purpose of play and celebration. 


Everyday Writes spaces are anti-racist, affirming of trans people and non-gender-conforming people, and aim to be actively inclusive. Please only book your space if you share these values.

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